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    My family enjoys playing American Idol, so I decided to get a second mic. I don't know if I have a bad port, or if the loaders I use only use one port, but I couldn't get the two mics to work together. I was going to rent the legit game to see if they both worked that way, but decided to try a USB Hub instead. I searched on here for a while, and couldn't find anything saying if it worked or not, so I am posting that I was able to get it working just fine.

    I used a Targus Travel Stick USB 2.0 4-port hub from walmart. Cost me about 12$.

    here is what it is:

    This hub does not have the option of external power, so I don't know if it will work with an external hard drive or not (but will be trying this week)

    I am using a LU64+ Wii, 3.4u, CIOS 13a
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    Each USB port can only support 500ma of power, so your unpowered USB hub has 500ma to share between everything you plug into it.

    USB hard drives typically draw the full 500ma (often slightly more), so trying to plug the HD into the hub as well as other things will likely cause problems.

    So just keep the USB HD on it's own port.
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    Also, the homebrew EHCI driver lacks USB hub support as far as I know, so a hard drive to be loaded will have to be connected to a lone EHCI-capable port anyway. Usually, USB-loading CIOSes nowadays should have one port for the hard drive using EHCI and one for peripherals using the legacy OHCI mode in its Nintendo implementation.