USB HDD Not Detected

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    Hey everyone! I'm new here and I created an account because 1: I visit this site all the time so I thought I might as well and 2: I have a problem that I need help on solving.

    Anyway, first some background. I have a 320GB HDD that attaches via USB 2.0 (of course). I play backed up ISOs of Wii games on it through Configurable USB Loader. I've put many games on it and they all play perfectly and everything was fine for a while until recently, my HDD has been disconnecting every once in a while.

    I started having to unplug and plug it back in a couple times before the loader would recognize it and even then, sometimes it would become undetected midgame and I would have to restart it. Now, I can't even get the loader to recognize it. I'm starting to get really worried because my computer detects it just fine and because of that, it's starting to look like my Wii's USB port is failing.

    I REALLY hope that is not the case because I don't want to have to buy a new Wii and softmod it all over again (it was kind of a pain in the butt having to find all the right files for the different IOSs required) especially since I JUST replaced the DVD drive because the last one broke on me.

    I plan on buying a new USB cable to test that and see if it is just the cable. However, what's really weird is that when I plug the HDD into my powered-on Wii, the HDD turns on as well so it's getting power from the USB port, but the Wii is just having trouble recognizing it. But this just points me more in the direction of believing that my Wii's USB port is indeed failing.

    If anyone has ANY other options as to what could be occurring, please let me know. If the worst is really happening, then let me know that as well. But I just REALLY DO NOT want to buy a whole new Wii............ That would just be a huge hassle.

    Oh, and I cannot just replace the USB ports either since I don't know how to solder. ;_;

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm no expert but have you tried testing another USB device on the Wii? That would help determine whether the problem is with the Wii or the HDD.
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    check and make sure your hdd is not sleepy use this to check :)