US/UM Support for PKHeX Released


PMD Researcher
May 29, 2009
United States

Version 17.11.17 of PKHeX has been released, adding the much-anticipated support for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Change log:
17/11/17 - New Update:
- Added: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Support
- - Legality: Complete detection & validation.
- - Added: Added all new US/UM content (Species, Moves, etc). Thanks SciresM & wwwwwwzx!
- - Changed: All existing Sun & Moon editors work with US/UM.
- Added: Complete sticker location listing. Thanks pokecal & ReignOfComputer!
- Added: >50 respawn/settings event flags for US/UM. Thanks sora10pls & pokecal!
- Added: Fashion Unlock cheats for US/UM to unlock all accessories. Thanks Holla!
- Added: US/UM specific Trainer Stat Records. Thanks Holla!
- Added: Map FlyTo location unlocking for Generation 7 saves. Thanks pokecal!
- Added: Mantine Surf score editing via Trainer Info editor. Thanks sora10pls!
- Added: Early Z-Move unlock flag next to the existing Early Mega Evolution unlock.
- Fixed: Pokédex seen/captured flags for Generation 7 saves now correctly mimic the games. Thanks sora10pls!
- Legality:
- - Added: US/UM wild encounter and static encounter data. Thanks to all who identified the locations!
- - Changed: Updated internal logic to handle US/UM content & oddities like Kantonian evolution methods.
- - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
- - Added: Ingame Trade OT/Nickname checks. Thanks sora10pls!
- - Added: Ingame Trade PID checks. Thanks sora10pls!
- - Fixed: Gen4 EncounterType detection reworked for cleanliness and accuracy.
- - Fixed: Colosseum Starter PIDIV checks now detect gender lock skipping (no more false flags).
- - Fixed: Added more Colosseum/XD ingame snag locations.
- - Fixed: Gen1/2 -> Gen7 transfers are now checked for met locations.
- Added: Misc safeguards for setting PKM data not obtainable in the save file's origin game. Thanks sora10pls!
- Added: Gen5 BP editing. Thanks sora10pls!
- Added: Can now load Mystery Gift pkm QR images to the Main Window tabs (same as importing PKM QRs).
- Changed: Internal string resource fetch mechanism speed improved. Thanks evandixon!
- Changed: Gen1/2 -> Gen7 transfer language detection improved for special characters in certain languages (German).
- Fixed: Zygarde 50%-C showdown set importing. Thanks architdate!
- Fixed: Gen1 Pikachu starter now saves correctly (doesn't remove Light Ball). Thanks Dunsparce!
- Fixed: Gen2 TimeOfDay values now are editable in the PKMEditor (nobody noticed for so long!)
- Fixed: Gen2 Korean encoding documentation errors fixed; strings now decode correctly. Thanks host1126!
- Fixed: Gen3 Roamer edits now save correctly. Thanks TheRealAlphA!
- - ~6 commits per day average over the last month. Big thanks to all who have contributed & provided feedback!



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