Upgrading from an ezflash-v

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    Hey everyone,

    I've been using my ezflash V for donkeys years but I have recently upgraded to a dsi and of course this old timer isn't compatible with the dsi so it's time to upgrade.

    I only need a cart for my dsi, 3ds isn't necessary so which cart do you guys recommend and where do I get one in the UK as I got my ezflash from eBay and eBay policies now stop the sale of these.

    Many thanks

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    The DSi has much the same restrictions as the 3ds (they were getting similar flash cart blocking updates for quite some time) and the EZ5/EZ5i is not compatible with the newest DSi firmwares either. Indeed most flash carts are not compatible with the newest DSi firmware (before then, sure, 1.4.5 was a killer though).
    To that end anything that works on current 3ds should do fine for DSi, as the only suggested carts for the 3ds right now are the supercard DSTwo and maybe one of a handful of R4 clones you do not have many options. The DStwo is arguably the pinnacle of DS flash cart design (give or take the increased power usage) and has all the features (including a pretty decent GBA emulator, cheat making, a video player and an onboard processor that support something resembling half nice snes emulation) as well as good versions of the standard features like cheats, guides, savestates and whatever else.
    The other main options are the R4i gold and some variations on the theme there. They are more basic but will play all the same games, have cheats support and only have basic DS homebrew.

    DSTwo prices are you are unlikely to do better than about £30 (plus memory card, both will take SHDC and possibly plus shipping), more realistically it is going to be about £35-40 if you got for a Europe/UK vendor.
    R4i prices are considerably lower, less than half that I reckon. They work, they are not ultra reliable (especially not if you are used to EZflash or supercard stuff) but not really cheap and tacky either.

    Both will play basically every game for the DS and that is great, if £20 extra gets me the best there is I guess I will skip going down the pub one night or something. Likewise anything that does works on 1.4.5 will probably also play basically every game, quality is probably going to be on par with or lower than the R4i but still nothing major.

    If you have a DSi with an older firmware and are sure you are not going to suffer the younger sibling/cousin/child issue you have a few more options, though I would not really suggest heading down this path. Equally nobody is expecting any new DSi updates so if it works on the latest there then it will probably work until the cart or DSi itself dies.

    I am not sure what vendors there are in the UK, at least as far as being able to say "go here, it will float through your letterbox in a couple of days". By the way as ebay own paypal then you will struggle to find a paypal using shop.