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Mar 17, 2015
It appears that I can do nothing when the RxTools site is down and since I'm on sysnand 4.5 still I cannot use the homebrew launcher either. There should be one working link that requires the Nightlies build.

Now, on my other 3DS that I installed CFW on yesterday and today, I have a bunch of folders and files that seem fairly recent; they are from this thread. Now assuming I follow these instructions, except instead of following the link copy my other 3DS's files:

[ Download the latest RxTools build here
Download and install Python version 2.7 if you don't have it
Direct Windows installer link
If you are using Windows, right-click the rxtools.rar and open Properties. If at the bottom, it says the file is blocked, check "Unblock" and Apply. This should take care of any problems you have with the following steps.

Backup and delete any "rxtools" folder that you may have on your SD card before doing the following steps!

1. the "rxtools" folder on the SD card root.
2. the "firm" folder inside of the "rxtools" folder. How to get it:

  • Run cdn_firm.py in the "Tools" folder. It will generate a firm folder in the same folder that cdn_firm.py is in. The firm folder must go into the rxTools folder like so: SD:/rxtools/firm ]

Will I be able to make Nightlies run and enter emunand as a result?

I believe I can't actually update to 9.2 for homebrew / menuhax unless I can access RxMode / emunand again, but correct me if I'm wrong (it's the next thing to do on my list).

Some users also told me that my 4.5 sysnand 3DS's firmware.bin file is to old and this is what causes me to undergo the installation suite each time I launch RxTools (back when I used it when the RxTools site wasn't down). What do I change it with, where do I find the good file that prevents the problem?

Many thanks!
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