Updating CIA games

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    Sep 27, 2018
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    So I've downloaded and installed some games via FBI however I notice most of them need update patch files as well. My question is, will I run the update the same way I installed the game with FBI, or is there any other steps I need to take? I ask because even after installing an update with FBI I still get the "Needs to update" message before launching and want to know if this is expected or if I did something wrong.
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    Maybe you didn't install the latest update for that title.
    Use eShop normally to download updates and avoid the iso sites hassle.
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    Sep 8, 2017
    For same region games, just use eshop, you can get updates regardless of whether you have the correct ticket for a game just fine, as they are under a different ID and you can even get updates for titles you don't have for that same reason. For out of region games, you can't use the eshop and it may be risky to even try (not sure though honestly about whether there's an actual risk, but updates will always fail), so you have to find the update CIA for the latest version. Little note though, unless it's an online game, very often you can easily play the game without any noticeable issues (eg: gamebreaking bugs or even common ones), so no need to bother updating everything.