"UPDATED" *2014* Working Online Multiplayer PSP games!

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    Aug 5, 2013
    Hi guys , I decided to make a list for you! After all the research , I finally managed to get all the still working online psp games in 2014 (current) year! If you guys think that psp is left with only 1 or 2 online games then that's not TRUE. A lot of games servers are shutdown by the company , and that sucks , but still we have ---------10---------- Working online games yet. If you guys are not aware of these games before then please download them now and make a community! Here is the list :

    #1.Resistance Retribution (Pretty alive community , often players above or around 100 , best online multiplayer game in my opinion , simply perfect ! Supports , friend requests, chat , voice chat and 5 different game modes with 5 different maps , Genre : 3rd person shooting)

    #2.Star Wars Elite Squadron (Genre : 3rd person shooting , players 2-10 at good timings)

    #3.Star Wars Renegade Squadron (Genre : 3rd person shooting , prequel to elite squadron , a few players at good timings)

    #4.Phantasy Star Portable 2 (MMORPG game , just amazing!!! Many players play it online but you'll definitely find a bunch of hackers and that sucks)

    #5.TNT Racers (Awesome retro style racing game with some cool tracks and cars but the community is dead , if you want to do a tournament of racing then collect the people! I'm always ready for the challenge!)

    #6.Pixel junk monster deluxe (the Tower Defense online multiplayer game , awesome game with nice chat option but dead community)

    #7.Invizimals lost tribes (Nice Fighting game with community but you need a Psp camera to play)

    #8.Fat Princess (Cooking fun online game but the community is dead , tell me whenever you want to play , I'll be there)

    #9.Modnation Racers (Just like Mario kart with a lot of psp + vita players but you need to buy this game to activate online)

    #10.Ace combat (never tried but people say it works)
    If I missed any game then please tell me , thanks! :)
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