[UPDATE] 'Steam Machine' Section Removed From Steam Page

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    Everyone knows all the cool kids use cryamore machines. (Still waiting for Cryamore to be released.)

    PS - Something did come from Steam Machines. A lot of companies that would have never considered port to Linux ported to "SteamOS" because they didn't want to risk being left out of a potentially burgeoning market. So, yea, I've got a lot more native Linux games than I would have had otherwise. Steam Machines themselves though were always a bad idea.
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  2. GorrillaRIBS

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    Fair point - even with bethesda/id/machinegames (unsure who makes this desicion) pushing Vulkan they aren't actively porting their games to linux, and not many developers seem too keen on using it over DirectX. I'm still optimistic that it'll see more commercial use though given that it supports pretty much every major OS, so hopefully more developers will use it as it could open up more (though significantly smaller) markets for hopefully not too much extra cost, assuming the rest of the game would translate well (i.e. a UE4 game that supports vulkan would probably be easier to port, as both support linux already). Outside of official support, Vulkan brought about dxvk, which is another compatability layer in WINE that makes d3d11 games run much better on linux, so even if it's never widely adopted at least we have that.
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    The idea was doomed from the beginning due to the fact that you could get a desktop 3 times more powerful at half the price, rather than a "steam machine" with an Alienware logo on it.

    PC gamers like graphics and Frames per Second. Not overpriced logos.
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    I read that Valve is working with both AND and Nvidia to develop improved gaming drivers for Linux, as well as porting over common APIs.
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    A company with Valve's R&D budget was "invested" in essentially Linux and this is all we got? OK then.
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    Jun 19, 2016
    Steam Machines = Virtual Boy? /s
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