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Sep 26, 2019
tl;dr: You can transfer levels into Levelhead via save data and quite a lot of the game is accessible without a linked account or talking to Nintendo servers.

Levelhead just released and is a highly underrated contender to Mario Maker. After the first few tutorial levels it appears to require talking to Nintendo as 90DNS blocks the attempt, presumably to look for a linked account, and you're unable to move on. My quick, novice inspection of the game's files suggests it may be possible to bypass this requirement. Perhaps someone more experienced could make something of this.

Levelhead was made with GameMaker. I found Altar can extract its but I haven't yet managed to repack it. The 'strings' json can be compared with that of the Steam version, which also just had its full release. The Switch version contains a few Switch / Nintendo references that the Steam version doesn't, and the latter contains a handful of references to Steam and a bunch for Discord. There are also what appear to be graphical changes, which don't seem too consequential, and something about a spiky object's reduced update behaviour, which might be worth changing.

Apart from there being some easily edited, significant plain-text stuff on offer with an alternate platform for point of comparison, I believe there was talk of cross-platform-play and the game is intended to be the same experience on all platforms. I'm guessing much of the Steam version's settings and behaviour may be unlockable. I think it may ultimately rely on a third party 'Rumpus' account by the developers too, not Nintendo. Maybe I'm wrong but it looks like a great opportunity.

  • It seems Steam save data can be transferred straight over. Still asks for an internet connection though.
  • LayeredFSing in a blanked /romfs/nro/BS_SwitchExtension.nro made the game print 'logged out of Rumpus account xxxx' on launch and seems to dump you at the start of the tutorial, and brings up the message 'parental control settings prohibit using online features'. Not sure if this could unlock singleplayer.
  • I think there's a possibility of level injection. My own levels from the Steam save can be accessed.
  • The game has an API, much of which is publicly accessible
  • Transfer over an account from Steam (presumably other platforms work too) that has completed the tour of the main menu so as to avoid getting stuck part-way
  • Offline content available without a linked account and talking to Nintendo servers includes Training (singleplayer campaign), the Workshop (make and edit your own levels), and Downloads
  • Levels can be 'injected' / transferred over in save data. In Windows the save directory is located at \AppData\Local\PlatformerBuilder and from there you can find 'downloaded' levels within \Storage\web\lh-published-levels. The metadata file needs to accompany the levels it was created alongside.
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