Unlink a profile from PSN?

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    I know that on Sony's side I can't unlink it, but the randomly generated account ID isn't unique so it's not like Sony would likely block connection from a new account using the same account ID as another account. I was able to accomplish this on my PSP to keep all my saved games and use a new PSN name no problem.

    On the PS3 I was thinking maybe if I could just find out where the PSN information is stored, and edit it to look like how it looks before ever going on PSN, it would allow me to create a new PSN ID with the same profile and will thus keep all my saved games and trophies.

    If that is possible, maybe it would also be possible for someone to come up with a simple program to run from the PS3 to unlink an account instantly? Again, I know it's not really "unlinked" so if someone tries this and then signs into their old PSN ID then Sony might think it's an additional linked console, and I know there is a limit.

    If it is too difficult to manually do this, I was thinking I might backup the new user profile after all the saves are working again, but before going on PSN. Then if I ever decide to change PSN name again maybe I could swap a few files to remove PSN access. Assuming of course that this information is even kept in


    If it is possible to at least do that, maybe a program could be set up for people to automatically backup a pre-PSN profile so that it can use those files to unlink it from PSN without affecting game saves and trophies. That would make the process of changing PSN name take matter of seconds, instead of being a whole day ordeal. (new profile, resigning games, some resigned games don't work, etc.)

    If somehow the account ID is something that would need to be changed, I am sure it is possible to edit that too, but where?

    EDIT: I was able to find what appears to be a solution here, but I only see confirmation of this working on OFW.

    Assuming that this works, would it do anything to homebrew, unofficial folders, etc. ? Would I be able to link my profile to a new PSN account if I do this, or would there still be some file somewhere to edit if I want to create a new PSN ID? And also, would other users of my console be able to relink their profile to PSN without Sony thinking it's a new console and thus impact their limit of linked devices?

    EDIT 2: This doesn't appear to be a solution by itself. I was able to restore default settings from within the XMB (not safe mode) and all it did was remove the passwords. Profiles which had previously accessed PSN still say "Sign In" instead of "Sign Up". So I am back to square one in needing to find out what I need to edit to use a different PSN ID with a PS3 profile.