Universal ROM numbering system

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    I'm just curious as to what is the common database for numbering ROMs. I've found certain sites have different numbers for some ROMs so I'm not sure what they should really be.

    e.g. gbatemp's database lists Golden Sun Dark Dawn USA as 5267 while this database lists it as 5367 and 5267 is something completely different.

    Who should I go buy for numbering ROMs?
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    Not entirely sure what this has to do with hacking but numbering is site specific. Some sites/databases try to share them or note others but it varies- not every rom gets a number (strictly speaking it is for workable full retail dumps- demos, betas, non retail, hardware* and the like get called XXXX) and release order/group/nuke status is somewhat contested as well.

    *back when we could not use the DS opera browser, that was one of the big "does it count" debates. Others include game and watch and other "nintendo club" type games.

    The scene itself does not use numbering either (indeed some among them frown upon it) as it serves no real purpose other than a vague release order/timescale.

    To this end if you number roms say by what site you are going by (pocketheaven, gbatemp, advanscene, no-intro........) or better yet give one of the scene names.
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    Sep 5, 2009
    Interesting, thank you.

    And yeah sorry this is in the wrong place. It's late and I'm new and sleepy and kinda lost (excuses)
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    Isnt this suppose to be in the NDS - Console and Game Discussions section?
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    Nov 28, 2009
    yes gbatemp's database has different numbers for most roms since gbatemp doesn't count dsi enhanced games as ds roms.
    (woo, broke my 99 post barrier)
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    Dec 21, 2010
    i suggest we make a list of every nds rom titel released, and refer to this list as the master list.
    That way, there is a standard to refer to.

    The list encompasses all cartridges that fit into the nds slot-1, J, U, E, K etc. and is ordered by retail release date.

    Multiple releases of the same game would all have the same number.

    Would something like this make sense at all?
    Like a comprehensive search engine where you plug in a number and it spits out the rom name, and the other way around, with information on release date, roms available, their checksums, etc.
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    GBAtemp doesn't control the scene. Nobody else has to listen to the way this site numbers things. There is no central control. There is no government in piracy. People agree and do things the same way, or they don't and do things differently. If they don't, tough shit, nobody can force people to agree on something.

    That's why things differ.