Under what circumstances do DLC content get deleted?

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    Hello, I read on this forum and some others that if I have installed themes, DLC content using .cia then it's best to avoid the data management, the eshop and the in-game DLC sections as they will delete these content upon entering. The data management problem can be get rid of by unlinking SysNAND and EmuNAND, which I have already done. What I am confused about now is the eshop and the games' DLC sections.

    Does anyone know when accessing the eshop and the in-game section in EmuNAND will delete the installed theme, DLC content, possibly game updates, etc.? After updating Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to version 1.1 using a .cia I found online (the game itself was also installed using .cia), I:
    1. Downloaded custom content such as quests, felynes, etc. using the in-game option.
    2. Accessed the eshop, tried to download something which seemed to fail (I don't really remember).
    3. Got back into MH4U and found out that the content I downloaded in step 1 was still there.

    However, people have reported to have installed DLC content multiple times as they got deleted. So:

    1. Anyone knows what kind of DlC content, Mii plaza titles, updates, etc. will get deleted upon entering the eshop or an in-game download section? Or do they really not get deleted?
    2. Is it safe to update game directly via either of these two options instead of waiting for .cia of these updates on the Internet?
    3. Mentioned so far are .cia games, what about the same thing for .3ds games and their .cia content?

    Thank you.
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