Unable to boot HBL in emunand?

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    So in sysnand my 3ds has no problems doing menuhax auto boot to CTRbootmanager. From there I can launch my GW or HBL. However recently, today, when I try to use HBL installed to emunand via CIA it won't boot back into CTRbootmanager like it used to. I need it to do so from emunand so it can do things like, custom themes, and use my internet connection for things as sysnand does not have a wifi connection to prevent updates to it. So what can I do to correct this? It was fine literally 3 days ago, and I cannot figure out the problem. It's complaining about payload on the SD card which is obviously there or I wouldn't be able to boot CTRbootmanager.

    sysnand>menuhax>CTRbootmanager>GW/HBL O
    Emunand>HBL cia>Back to CTRbootmanager X
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    Menuhax has it's own payload (Called ropbin) while hblauncher loader cia has it's own payload (called otherapp)
    When you first install menuhax, that's when it connects to the internet and downloads the payload.
    When you first use hblauncher loader, it connects to the internet to download the payload.

    But anyways, you can use custom themes with CHMM on emunand without HBL. In fact you barely need HBL at all in emunand.
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