Un/linked NANDS and NNID?

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    I basically want to know every way that sysNAND and emuNAND can interfere with each other in terms of the NNID

    I know that it's quite messy especially when reading some of the region changing threads

    So I think it's good to collate all of this information in one thread so people can come back to it

    So here are some of my own questions:

    • If you have linked NANDs and created an NNID on emuNAND, will it go to sysNAND too?
    • If not, can you manually put the same NNID on sysNAND?
    • Can you create a different one on linked sysNAND and use it?
    • How about if you format sysNAND to unlink it? Can you then create a different one and use it?
    • If you created it on sysNAND and then created emuNAND, will the NNID be on both and work fine?
    • If yes, would formatting sysNAND impact emuNAND negatively at all or would it still work fine
    • What's the best way to go about transferring and NNID from emuNAND to sysNAND or vice versa without losing your data
    Feel free to add any more questions/information + rants against Nintendo's incredibly backwards-minded online infrastructure