Ugh, I got too many flashcarts

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  1. OMGTehAwsome

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    So I picked up a CycloDS Evolution way back in my DS days and it was totally awesome. Once I got a 3DS it became useless, so I picked up the CycloDS iEvolution. We all know how well that went (awesome card, awful team.) Then I jumped on the DSTwo, which worked great until the latest firmware update for the 3DS.
    So here's where I am now: I sold my 3DS (eh, too busy with Borderlands 2) and have 3 working (well, theoretically... I have no DS to test on) flash cards. I don't want to make money off them, but I also don't want them lying around. It doesn't appear to be against the forum rules, so if anyone is looking to pick up a lovingly used flash cart then feel free to PM. I'm hoping to part with each of them for a crisp 20$ bill. Or a crisp 20$ Paypal payment. Or possibly even a crisp sandwich.
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    If only they were given for free I would take them ._.
    But that isn't very many flashcarts at all...
  3. Rydian

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    You want this.

    But you don't have enough posts to take part.
  4. TwinRetro

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    What Rydian said. closed.
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