[Tutorial[ Mario Kart 8 Object Swapping and Time Change

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    This tutorial I will explain how object swapping works as it is fairly simple and easy and since time changing relates to this, i will include that as well so you can play maps at night, dat, ect.

    Byaml o XML: https://github.com/Chadderz121/yamlconv/releases
    Mario Kart 8 Dumped
    Notepad or something similar
    A brain

    Step 1. Find the Objects:
    A whole list can be found in the game files, this is located in:

    Drag this file to the downloaded program exe called yamlconv.exe

    This will make an XML file.
    Open this file with notepad and now search for the object file with CTRL + F! Search for both the object you want to replace, and one you want to have.

    VR(Coursename) = Sky
    DL_ = DLC
    Object list found in content/mapobj

    Step 2. Finding the IDs.
    Replacing an object will require the ID. You After you found the object names, put that in another notepad file for reference. You can find the ID by scrolling above the object name and looking on the left, you will see the ID. Like thisL

    Note: You will need to have both object IDs and names you want to replace with.


    Now put both IDs aswell on the notepad file of the object name for refrence. You will need them both next.

    Step 3. Editing Course BYAML
    Open the course in
    you can edit whatever map you'd like!

    Go ahead and in the folder of the course, drag the course_muunt.byaml to yamlconv.exe from earlier.

    Open the XML generated. Search for MapObjIdList

    Here will list all the objects. Look for the ID of the object you wanted to replace, then replace it with the other object you want to have. Scroll down and you will see a list of names.


    Replace the object name with the one you want!

    Step 4. Replacing the rest of the objects:
    Not done yet, on notepad, click edit - replace
    Putting the ID you want to replace there then click replace all.

    You're about done, save the xml file.

    Drag the xml back to yamlconv.exe and now it will recreate the file. You are now done.

    Step 4: Switch lighting (Optional)
    For those who want different times of day, switch the course.bgenv of a nigt map, ie G64_KinopioHighway, or a day map, ie Gu_Airport with the existing one, backing up existing one first!.
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    What if I want to replace only some of the objects of the same ID with different ones?
    Also, if I recall correctly, I got MK8 crashed for some objects by replacing them in the MapObjResList and then the ObjIDs. They both had no parameters whatsoever or path, so I was a bit surprised.
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    Some objects may be weird with replacing, no idea never experienced that yet. Objects from what i recall do not have the same ID each have their own.
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