[TUTORIAL] Make a 3D art and put it on 3DS

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    In this guide we will explore how we can create a digital art in 3D and put it in the 3DS Camera app.

    • A 3DS/2DS (duh)
    • An SD Card
    • A computer
    • Layer painting programs or whatever (Mine being Photoshop)
    • MPO 3D Creator
    Part 1 - Preparing your photo slot
    You can't just "add" a picture to your 3DS gallery, we have to create a slot for it THEN replace it.
    1. Launch your 3DS Camera app.
    2. Take a picture, anything really.
    3. Put the SD Card in your computer
    4. Under your SD:/DCIM/xxxNINxx/ you should see 2 files:
      • HNI_xxxx.JPG
      • HNI_xxxx.MPO
      This is the very photo you took, JPG file being the 2D and MPO file being 3D.
    Part 2 - Preparing your images
    Here we don't only make a 2D image but we have to create a 3D one as well, I'll use my recent art as an example.

    This is the image I will be using (just recently made it):

    While you are painting or drawing, make sure you split your image into different layers, I have the total of 3.

    First being the background layer.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Second being the body.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Third and top being the arm-hand and the axe.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Save your creation like you normally would and you have your 2D image, rename it to HNI_xxxx.JPG and replace the photo in your SD Card.

    Preparing for 3D:
    We will need 2 pictures, the left perspective and the right perspective, these 2 will overlap and create an illusion of 3D.

    There is a rule we have to follow in creating a 3D image, the layer that moves the least is closest to the viewer, so therefore, the distance of a layer between left and right can be ordered as followed from smallest to largest distance:
    Hand/Axe < Body < Background

    Here I have created 2 images, one left, and one right.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Part 3 - Creating a 3D MPO file
    Open your downloaded MPO 3D Creator. Go to File>Open Left/Right Images...
    Select the 2 files you have recently prepared and you should get the following:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Press File>Save MPO File | Check the radio button at the bottom "For Nintendo 3DS"
    Replace your HNI_xxxx.MPO and you are done. Go view your work in 3DS Camera app.

    Sample Files
    Here's the sample files I prepared before hand, the finished product: https://www.mediafire.com/?eo79rt000f189ii

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