[TUTORIAL] How to put custom songs in XY (finally)

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    Hey guys !
    So maybe you have seen me posting threads about this, wanting to know how to do it. Well today I will show you how to do it yourself !
    Credits to recordreader and PlatinumMaster for achieving this in first and showing me how to do it myself, super appreciated :)
    You will need
    - An XY extracted game
    -the sound folder
    - Brawlbox
    - Internet connection

    Firstly, download everything. Then, download a song from youtube or anywhere where you can get a song (get a song you want in the game). Open it in Audacity, and edit the song how you want. (For the battle songs, I recommend increasing the volume a bit because of the sound effects). Once you are done, export the audio as a WAV 16 bits.

    Now open brawlbox and go to file, new, audio, brstm audio stream and open your wav.
    Now you can play around to set a start loop point and a end loop point. When you have a good loop, don’t touch anything else and leave brawlbox there (or minimize it) as we will need the start and end values later.

    Open HxD and load the xy_sound.bcsar( make a backup of it first) in it. You will also need this pastebin : https://pastebin.com/EJetua4J that was made by soneek. It contains all of the original loop points for every song. In HxD, go to search, Number, and type in the start loop value of the original song. Tick the direction : all then click OK. Now, open your web browser and search for a decimal to hexadecimal converter, and convert YOUR start loop point to hexadecimal. Now you want to REVERSE it. For example, if your start loop point is 233832 and the hexadecimal output is 39168, then the value you want is 68 91 03 00. To back to HxD, and edit the original start loop with your reversed one. Do all the steps again for the end loop point. Once it’s done, save everything and close HxD.

    You might have noticed that XY is using .aac audio files. You will need to convert your .wav to .aac. Open your web browser and search for a wav to aac convertor, and convert your wav. Once you get you .aac, you will need to rename it to the oeiginal song file name. For example, if you want to replace the pokemon league music, you will need to name it the same way as the original one, so bgm_xy_pokemon_league.
    Do all the steps for every song you want.

    Okay you want to load your custom musics. We will be using LayeredFS. In your luma folder, create a titleid folder. In this one, create a folder named with the title id of your game
    X: 000400000055D00
    Y: 000400000055E00
    Now create a romfs folder in this one, then a sound folder. In the sound folder put all your custom .aac AND your edited xy_sound.bcsar, otherwise your songs won’t loop correctly.
    If everything was done correctly, it should look like this

    Put that folder on your SD card and check Enable Game Patching in the luma configuration folder.
    And there you go ! If everything was done correctly, you should get custom songs in XY !
    PlatinumMaster’s video showcasing this :
    Thanks for reading ! (Share this tutorial if you liked it!)
    If you plan on making a tutorial video, please credit PlatinumMaster and recordreader.
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    sweet i rather see DPPT music in it or BW/2 may give it a try what format of music MP3?
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    XY uses .aac format, so you will need to convert your edited .wav to .aac using an online converter. It's all explained before the patching steps