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    I've read all the sticky threads here about wiiu hack and maybe because the language I'm pretty confused about it.
    Can I ask some questions? Maybe can help someone like me who wants to understand.
    1. Can we safe update now to 5.5.1?or there are a latest version unsafe?
    2. What is the best method to hack a wiiu?
    For what I've understand there is the method the require browser and self host web file on Android or pc.
    And the most yummy method for me that is rednand.
    But the only thing that I've understood about rednand is that I need an SD with the twice of the Nand dimension.
    But, have I need a vc game to make rednand?
    3. Why there is no thread about mocha? Other forum talk about this homegrown that simplify the process to make the rednand.

    As u can understand I'm pretty confused, I don't like methods that needs an Internet connection (cause I don't have it constantly in the room where the wiiu is) and I don't want to power on the pc everytime I want to open hb channel.

    So what method do you advise me to study? Or it's better to wait some more time? For a more stable solution?

    Thank you all in advance

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    1. it's safe to update to the latest version.
    2. I'd suggest installing haxchi and then booting mocha from that.
    3. there is a thread about mocha, but I'm too lazy to find it. it's about time for sleep anyway.
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    Nov 4, 2015
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    Absolute rubbish. Install haxchi. Job done. If you prefer cbhc (autoboot haxchi) then install cbhc. Job done. If you want rednand, rednand + mocha.

    If you dont want rednand then Do Not autoboot mocha from haxchi. That is just plain stupid and anyone who advises that doesnt know what they are doing.
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    either you mix lot of things, or you didn't read enough.
    You don't need an internet connection every time. only ONCE. (or twice, depends the step's order).

    Do you REALLY need redNAND? do you know Why?
    again, with OLD and outdated information because you probably didn't read all the information, you probably think you need redNAND, but now it's useless to end users.

    Quick guide you have to do:
    0. requirement: disable your server filters, update your console to 5.5.1
    1. get homebrew on SD (launcher, appstore, wup installer, haxchi installer)
    2. install Haxchi (persistent hacking channel, no more internet connection needed!)
    3. if you REALLY want (not need) redNAND, then you can launch Mocha from the homebrew launcher.
    4. if you want an automatic loading of hacks at console boot, install Coldboot Haxchi (it will replace the normal haxchi)

    So, more details : (actually, I just wrote a full hacking guide in 30mins)
    1. First, buy an official compatible NDS game. (preparation for Step 2)
    2. be sure it's installed to your console (NOT USB)
    3. disconnect USB.
    4. insert a SD card.
    5. launch the WiiU browser, and visit
    6. select "app store", wait (a long time) until it loads.
    7. install "appstore" "Homebrew Launcher" "WUP installer y mod". (haxchi installer will be installed manually)

    1. Shutdown the console. DISCONNECT USB. (VERY important)
    2. put the SD card to PC and download "haxchi" from here (be sure it's HAXCHI and NOT cbhc)
    3. extract haxchi to your SD card, you need 2 folders :
    4. put SD on WiiU
    5. Boot wiiu and go to WiiU browser, load (NOT /go/), it will launch the homebrew launcher. edit : now it's

    6. select haxchi installer
    7. select the game you bought (NDS virtual console)
    8. select install haxchi
    9. reboot the console, set back the Server's filtering option you had before (DNS or proxy or router).

    - to launch homebrew : launch "haxchii channel" it will launch Homebrew launcher :)
    - to install an official (good signed) game : launch homebrew launcher and select WUP installer.
    - to play an official (good signed) game : launch the game
    - to play an official DLC : buy it
    - to install/play a bad signed game or DLC : you need signature patch before using WUP installer or launching the game --> launch haxchi with B button pressed to "patch" the firmware in memory, this Custom Firmware will be in memory until you shutdown the console.

    Step 3
    RedNAND .... if you REALLY understand why you WANT it (not need, you don't need redNAND).
    1. launch haxchi channel to boot homebrew launcher
    2. launch app store
    3. install Mocha, OTP2SD, SEEPROM2SD
    4. exit appstore
    5. launch OTP2SD, start again HBL and launch SEEPROM2SD
    6. BACKUP your SD card !
    7. launch haxchi, hbl, launch Mocha, select "redirect NAND/SEEPROM/OTP" ON, then read the warnings, press power button to format your SD card !
    8. put your SD card to PC and restore your backup'd files on line 6
    9. run dimok's SDIO NAND manager, insert the OTP.bin and SEEPROM.Bin to your NAND dump's hidden partition.
    10. put back to WiiU
    11. launch haxchi to run HBL, select Mocha, same options.
    12. You are now on redNAND. Move the titles position on your system menu, or create a new folder named "redNAND" so you can identify easily when you use redNAND or not.
    to exit redNAND, shutdown the console.

    If you want auto-boot.
    1. UNPLUG USB !!!
    2. Download CBHC from here, or install it from appstore.
    3. go to HBL, launch CBHC installer.
    4. follow onscreen instructions.

    On boot, you will now have a menu to choose what to boot : homebrew launcher from SD card, OR system menu CFW, OR mocha (to autoboot redNAND)

    DO NOT USE MOCHA if you don't WANT redNAND.
    instead, use CBHC -> System menu.
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    to answer your questions
    5.5.1 is the firmware you want
    you can use a browser exploit or better haxchi
    rednand is pretty much useless atm!
    i would recommend to buy a supported ds vc game like brain age
    install haxchi
    install cbhc
    autoboot in patched cfw without mocha and install all the signed or unsigned stuff you want
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    Definitely sounds like the most yummy option..
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