Trying to learn a really messy app, WiiMC

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    WiiMC features

    Stream HD videos from PC to WiiMC

    Here is a Guide to Stream/Play movies from SMB Share and USB (handle 720p)

    Use VLC-Shares with WiiMC

    *Download and Install VLCShares 0.5.4 installer for Windows.
    *Windows Firewall: Unblock
    *Download and Install: VLC (1.1.9) . SopCast to C:\ProgramFiles\VideoLAN\
    *Download and Unzip: FFMpeg . RTMPDump (2.3) to C:\ProgramFiles\VideoLAN\

    *Open http://localhost/vlc-shares in Browser
    *Choose Username and Password
    *Press Start Installation
    *Goto Plugin-Installer - Configure paths for VLC, FFMPEG, SOPCAST and RTMPDUMP. (It's where you placed the .exe file for each application - like C:\Program Files\VideoLan\Vlc\vlc.exe)
    *Press Save and Apply

    *Remove SD-card from Wii put into Computer
    *Download WiiMC 1.3.4 (New Install) and WiiMC Channel Installer 2.0 from (press Download)
    *Unzip both files and move 'apps' folder to SD:\
    *Edit file 'SD:\apps\wiimc\onlinemedia.xml' to add the line before </file> :
    <linkname="VLC-Shares Collections"addr="http://IP_ADDRESS/vlc-shares/"/>
    *Replace IP_ADRESS with your Computers ip (i.e.
    *Save file .
    *Remove SD-card from Computer and plug into Wii . Turn on your Wii. Launch Homebrew Channel. Then launch WiiMC Channel Forwarder.

    Notes: I Still have issues using VLC-Shares. I manage to get SopCast working but if anyone knows how to use VLC-Shares, please let me know :)

    Also, I believe guys in WiiMC Offical Forum fixed vlc-shares .. .but I can grasp how they did
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    You cant stream hd afaik