trying to boot emunand

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    Dec 30, 2013
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    i don't know how to boot emunand without browser. i've heard that 11.1 is ok for emunand only and i cant acces my browser without updating.
    i've tryed booting in emunand in a9lh menu by unchecking ''autoboot on sysnand'' and by checking ''boot in sysnand by pressing R''
    now it says in config panel : ver. 11.0
    no sys, is that normal?
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    Nov 23, 2014
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    Do you even have an emuNAND? If you followed Plailect's guide all the way through you won't have one.
    You can check by booting emuNAND9 and seeing what it says in the bottom of the top screen i.e. "SD is at up for emuNAND" or "SD is not yet set up for emuNAND".

    In terms of updating your console (I assume this is why you're asking) if you are using a9lh you can update your sysNAND which is kind of the main point of a9lh. It's only people on menuhax or the DS profile exploit that can't update their sysNAND.