Trimming ISOs and AdHoc playability

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    If I "optimize" and then compress an ISO(a legitimately obtained ISO, of course), can I still play said ISO (now a CSO) online over AdHoc Party or Pro Online?

    I read somewhere to make sure to use an untrimmed ISO when MultiPlaying, which would make total sense, but would it be possible that none of the multiplayer was touched during the whole process? (I know, highly unlikely).

    Perhaps it would be possible to optimize without compressing, allowing the multiplayer to remain intact?
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    The optimization processes are usually automated, so you'd have to manually go through and edit/adjust things to conserve on space.

    Having it as a CSO has benefits but also drawbacks.
    Benefit is size. It's ways smaller so you can fit more games.
    Drawback is the loading times and possibility for errors. Unfortunately when compressing it some games just don't work right. Many times video sequences get messed up due to the compression.