Transferring files from one SD card to another

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by mario5555, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. mario5555

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    Hey everyone, quick question I got a new 4GB sd card for my camera and it won't work with it, so I wanted to take the 2GB (which does work on the camera) I put in the Wii that has my VC and Wiiware games on it and put them on there.

    So what I need to know can I just put the 2GB card's contents on my PC and then move them over to the 4GB card with no problems? I have a 4.3 softmod with HBC installed, but hasn't been updated for awhile. (Since I haven't had reason to go onto the Wii Shop channel since then)

    It wouldn't be an issue if I knew I could get on the Wii Shop channel and redownload them (also I need to be able to transfer the save game files on the 2GB card as well.) to the new card without any issues (I think a new update has been released since I was on the store last)

    I just wanted some confirmation that I can do this with no issues, if so it should be super easy to get done, but I wanted to get the information confirmed by more knowledgeable sources before I went about and messed something up.
  2. Sao Mortel

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    Just copy the file over and see for yourself. it should work
  3. mario5555

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    Copied them over as you suggested, and nothing, it's not reading the games that were on the other card (now on the new card)

    Anyone have any experience / knowledge doing this? Or any advice for me?

    Even the HBC isn't working.... [​IMG]
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    So you have a 4GB card and a 2GB card... The 2GB card works fine in both the wii and the camera... but the 4GB doesn't work in the camera or the wii...

    What's the X factor in that equation I wonder?
  5. mario5555

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    I assume the 4GB would work fine if I went through all the steps to make it work like the 2GB originally, hence my question to begin with about transferring the files.

    Edit: I wasn't sure if I could just copy them over and voila...since nothing but the card would be changing, but I guess that was too simple afterall.

    (I didn't know how much of a hassle the fix was going to be or if it was going to be easy to do, hence the question...)

    The 4GB won't work the camera because it's an older Kodak model (circa 2001-02'ish) and doesn't support higher than 2GB (actually the newest cards out when it was released was 512MB, so what's that tell ya... It was a crap shoot when I bought it that it would work, but I was lucky that it did, and this second gamble didn't pay off (I have a use for the card in a newer camera, but I was hoping to use it in the Wii and get my 2GB card back for the camera and add more space to the Wii with a 4GB card instead).

    Anyway I'm still back to my original problem, do I have to go through all the steps to make this new card "compatible" with the Wii (like I did the 2GB card) to still have my WiiWare/VC games accessible (and have to d/l them from the Wii shop channel again after I update the system via HBC) or what am I suppose to do? I truly really don't know if this is worth bothering with if it's going to be a hassle to do, which is why I'd like some expert advice.

    As much as I like the tango, I'd appreciate if we could go forward instead of two steps forward, three back (as it seems like is being done atm) [​IMG]