Transfering R4DS save files to R43DS

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    I got a 3DS with a R4iTT and everything is working fine, except for a few things.
    I'm transfering my save files to this new flashcart, but the save file name are all different from the original R4 I have (with Wood 1.38).
    The save are with this pattern:
    R4 original: Professor Layton and the Last Specter.sav
    R4iTT: PROFES~1.sav

    Ok, this one works, but I have three more Layton games that start with 'Professor' in the title. There's a way to change in the R4iTT config to read the full save file name?

    Another quick question: My Layton and Last Specter and Unwounded Future are starting right at the Puzzle Download section, I need to go back in the menus to get to the start menu. How can I fix that? Both are clean roms, patched roms have the same issue.

    Thanks in advance!