Transcend micro sd card dilemma!

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  1. ssskyy

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    Jul 26, 2012
    Hi, I've decided to get Transcend micro SDHC memory cards (16gb, class 6), so I've been looking at various sites to order them from, comparing prices etc. anyway when comparing to make sure I'm buying the right thing I looked at the model no. (or item no. or whatever, you know what I mean, right?) and on some sites it says: TS16GUSDHC6 and on others it says: TS16GUSDHC6E, the only difference being one has a letter "E" on the end... do you know what the E means? Are they all the same thing? Or could that letter E mean big bad things, like I end up with something different to what I expected?! Thanks...
  2. LockeCole_101629

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    Jul 6, 2012
    New Zealand
    There's no difference between both physically
    the only difference are in bundled
    you get ADAPTER with from "E" package

    and with no "E" there's no adapter in sales package.