Touhou DS v0.6

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    Aug 27, 2007
    [​IMG] Touhou DS v0.6
    Weeaboo has released a new version of his shooter Touhou DS which is a shooter based off the Touhou Project series.

    Several bugs has been fixed and other improvements has also been made. Among the changes are the addition of scores/hi-scores, the ability to change background music and the possibility to script own enemy patterns. The restriction of only one level in the earlier versions has also been removed which enables the use of multiple levels. To see all the changes made, please read the changelog below.

    [​IMG]Direct Offsite Download
    [​IMG]Mediafire download
    [​IMG]Rapidshare Download

    Edit: I'm having problems uploading the file to Gbatemp's Download Center, but I'll try again later.