Thought about getting a second xbox....

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    I take trips up to my parents cabin and hate always packing up my xbox to take up there with me. I was going to get a second xbox to install my games on and then take it up there. When I buy new games, I was going to bring it back so I can connect online and update my game library on it (There is no internet up there).

    Well after some reading, I won't be able to do that unless I set that xbox as my home xbox, but then my actual home console would always have to be connected to the internet to access my content. So if my internet goes down at home then I am out of luck. Also my family won't be able to share my gold and games on my actual home console.

    I thought about maybe setting the "cabin" xbox as the home console, then removing it from the internet, then setting my other one as the home console and never connecting the cabin xbox. I would assume to change home consoles, they would both have to connect to change the licenses over and not allow this possible workaround to get multiple home consoles.

    Anyway, if someone has any information of a known solution to my problem, i'd love to hear it. For now, it sounds like I will have to bring my xbox with me each trip....
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    You can set your actual home console as your..home console. If the internet goes down the other one is still fine. I "game share" with an admin from Se7ensins and his internet is down all the time but it doesn't affect me playing his games.

    I hope that should be fine though, if anything your bottleneck will be at your parents cabin since that console may need to connect online to "validate" that it's what it says it is(make sense?)

    I could be wrong about the bottle neck part. But I figured it would be worth mentioning.