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    Apr 4, 2006
    Okay, so we have this game here.


    Gameplay video here. (I hope; can't see YouTube videos on this PC (curse you firewall), so I just grabbed the highest rated one.)

    Apparently, you fight by "grabbing" parts of your fighter's anatomy (limbs and head, you pervs [​IMG] ) with the mouse, and then hurling them towards the opponent, or focusing your Chi, or targeting parts of your opponent's anatomy, and so on and so on.

    Imagine it on a DS. With a stylus. It would rock.


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    played a friend's copy of the game. Its very good, but the control scheme is alittle annoying without a really well configured mouse. Wich makes the game rather annoying to play.

    This would definitly be better on the DS or even the Wii.
    Who knows, maybe they'll hav a chance to get in on the Wii shop channel or something.

    But ya, actually touching the charector would definitly make things easier in the game. Most of the time I end up falling down or going in the wrong direction.
    Funny FMV sequences though xD Like a very crappy martial arts movie gone wrong.