This disc is unreadable (XGD3)

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    Nov 13, 2016
    Bit of a strange one that I don't fully understand in that I recently burnt a copy of Watch Dogs (I know it is supposed to be rubbish but I wanted to at least give it a try before I went out and bought Watch Dogs 2!)

    The ISO all verified fine via ABGX, so I went ahead and burnt DVD1 on a Verbatim MKM-001 at 2.4x, all appeared to go fine kicking it off from the .DVD file which had a layer break setting of 2133520

    Put it in the 360 after burning and up pops Watchdog on the dashboard (Dashboard is at 2.017502.0), go to launch and all sounds OK with the DVD spinning up but after a while I just get chucked back to the dashboard with 'This disc is unreadable' :(

    Copied it to the hard drive which succeeds 100% (just to rule out a bad burn) but again the same message when trying to launch

    I've attached the logs below, as you can see I was using the iHAS124 burner too as I remember buying one specifically for this XGD3 business many years ago and my 360 contains a BenQ VAD6038 which I know I've played a XGD3 game on previously, XGD2 works fine as only last weekend I was playing South Park Stick Of Truth

    Many thanks :)

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    Try and do a Kprobe test.