Thinking of selling my Wii U

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    Hi there, since I don't have time to play at home with my wii u... and considering that the nintendo switch is going to be release in a few months.. I want to sell it before it gets devalued just like the wii back in the day.
    Problem is that I have my account linked to it (same that I use in my 3DS, which I will keep) and have tons of digital games.
    What should I do to sorta unlink my NNID so I could eventually re-download my games on another wiiu or even the nintendo switch itself? (I hope nintendo improves their awful system by then)
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    With the recent hacks I imagine the wiiU prices will go UP not down. The only reason wii prices sank was because on its over abundance and easy accessibility
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    I don't think you can unlink your ID. Nintendo requires both systems to be in front of you to do a switch. They make exceptions for damaged or stolen consoles, but then i suspect the new owner would come back at you for selling them a borked console.

    The Switch will not play Wii U games.

    Honestly I'm just planning to keep my Wii U, 3DS, and switch together. I did a lot of trading and selling before but I've lost so much money that way and never gained much more then if I just kept what I originally had.
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    My party console? No way. I will unlock everything I can and put my games and keep. How i supose to make people dance with just dance? 360 is not a option for party, dont have the last mario kart.
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    so If I format the console before selling it I shouldn't lost my account and games in my 3DS, right? now I'm not sure if I should get rid of my wii u :(
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    We have no idea how they're going to implement NNID on the new console. No advice given here can be given with absolutely certainty in regards to the switch and NNIDs.

    That being said, yes, formatting removes the NNID from the console and allows it to be tied to another of the same console. If you format, and sell your wii u, should you ever get another Wii U, you can attach it to that console and redownload your purchased games. You can have your NNID attached to one 3ds and one Wii U concurrently. Getting rid of, or keeping, your NNID on your Wii U will in no way affect your 3ds or its NNID status.

    I'm guessing that you'll be able to have your NNID on a 3ds, a Wii U, and a switch all at the same time. There is no reason to think otherwise.
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    For your NNID Account: Just contact Nintendo support and ask them for an unlink of yor NNID from your Wii U.

    They will need the Following information:
    1. Your NNID Account Name
    2. Your Wii U Serial Number
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