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Jun 17, 2017
United States
I am a very high mountain.
I'm a wave wave very much
I'm harder than afraid
I'm the darkest day
I'm at the end.
Do not try to stand in my way,
I oppose the reason,
Look at my face
If you are married,
It's a dangerous weapon
I am a very sharp leaf.
I decide for a second time
The reason for my birth in this pain,
If you leave it will only hurt you,
If you think you can take me
Then forget to forget about it
After that I'm back
(I can not stop and feel my name)
You will rob me and start the war
(I'm becoming a tsunami)
If you do not need to know
(You live in your lowest place, I'm so tall)
Only my scars are left
What I got of gray will get lost in the fire!
If anything is there
(This is a faith, open your eyes ...)
This pain (continue)
I can not (beat)
But this is required and there is no limit
So look
Please tell me what you really see
I will not complete it
This is the difference between you and you
The reason your time is over
All down,
Only you and me - who can save you now?
So look
Please tell me what you really see
He tells lies.
This is the difference between you and you
I'm strong.
Let me tell you what it is
Only you and me - who can save you now?
Who will save you now?
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Sep 17, 2009
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We have no visitor that you know the rules, and so I'm full of service 'which I hope to get this, from any other party I just want to tell you how to hack You will not forget It's the same thing I can not give You never go down It's just going and running you do not even cry I'm not talking so far and I'm just going back to telling you lies, and we wait long the heart yields to the pain, but I'm ashamed to speak in the light of what the sun is like, and we're playing and asking what I would like to tell me you blind a blind man can not see you can not go down too fast to run and run away crying I'm not talking until I'm in a hurry to tell you the lie and the frog I can not give up, no matter what's going on, and I'm not crying and I'm not saying I'm going to lie again, and I'll never think it's never to give (a) (Ooh) into any of the things we are giving, we can not afford (leave) to meet us for a long time of heart we have four, but it is shameful I speak in the light of what the sun is like, and we just play it only if you want to tell me how much I think it really is that you do not let yourself go down and run away and I'm crying I'm not talking and I'm just going back and I'm going to tell you the lie and the brake you can never go down to go and run away I'm so sad and joining I'm still in the wrong, and you do not have to give it even more, and no fossil fugitive is ever crying.
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