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    Feb 13, 2015
    0216A004: unsigned 64bit = money

    02169200: unsigned 64bit (!) = number of items, 0-6
    021670CC: unsigned 16bit = item 1
    021670CE: unsigned 16bit = item 2
    021670D0: unsigned 16bit = item 3
    021670D2: unsigned 16bit = item 4
    021670D4: unsigned 16bit = item 5
    021670D6: unsigned 16bit = item 6

    Notable and mostly safe [meaning "shouldn't crash the game when in your pockets"] items:
    Many more items are safe only when going to the shop, they provide the icons for speech bubbles after donating items, etc
    0003 - test pocketable object
    4d - mystic cowbell
    4E - stufed cow head
    4f- shovel
    50 - galvatronic recharger
    51 - growth potion
    52 - rotten eggplant lipsticlk
    5c - giant ancestral bonsai
    5d - pet bunyip
    5e - cute ghost painting
    5f - jackalope
    60 - giant jellyfish
    61 - koi pond
    64 - pot of gold
    65 - waterfall
    66 - holiday yeti
    67 - PC master race
    68 - plasma tv
    69 - xam satellite stereo
    7x - beds
    8x - sofas
    90-96 - chairs
    97-9F - dressers (change clothes)
    A0 - Lord Mole's portrait
    A1 - money making machine
    A2 - Ph.E.T diploma
    A3 - lighted vanity mirror
    A4-B0 - arcade games
    B1 - massage bubbler
    B2 - dance machine
    B3 - mod bed (change skin color)
    B4 - sky diving machine
    B5 - slot machine
    B6 - tanning bed
    B7 - treadmill
    B9-D0 - showers
    D1-E8 - toilets
    E9-F4 - sinks
    FD - lost cell phone
    12D - copper bar
    12E - silver bar
    12F - gold bar
    130 - treasure chest
    131 - mummified alien

    About the people who corrupted their inventory by "having multiple aliens in the pocket while doing autopsies":
    When the last item in your pockets is consumed, the item count is decreased (when others are consumed, the later ones are shifted left to fill the gap)
    But the operatory table is bugged: its name displays a number of aliens which may be higher than how many you own, since it just checks the actual item slots without caring for how many items you have, while the minigame being accessible or not does check the number but only if you walk away and back: it's possible to play the game for more aliens than you have and underflow the item count!!
    To be honest, I've not been able to replicate the crash by just going to the pockets on Desmume and Wood, but at least you now have a recovery option - if someone converts that to an AR code/you use a save backupper AND you find the game you haven't touched since 2008 :P

    021670F7: ascii string 0-terminated = your name, empty is fine (actually displays "Unnamed Sim" just on the save, blank in dialogue), moderately longer than the normal number of characters is surprisingly stable at least in the short term

    021670FF: unsigned 8bit (0-A) = creativity level
    02167100: unsigned 8bit (0-A) = business level
    02167101: unsigned 8bit (0-A) = body level
    02167102: unsigned 8bit (0-A) = charisma level
    02167103: unsigned 8bit (0-A) = mechanical level
    0216710C: unsigned 8bit (0-3) = aspiration: party, fortune, romance...
    This block of codes may or may not only apply to the stats panel

    To be continued... hopefully
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