The leggendary "2ji super robot wars"

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  1. tj445

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    Jul 17, 2009
    By playing SRW K and W i saw that there was an upgrade part names as soul of "2ji SRW" and i was wondering what the hell this is.

    after googling i found that it is released only to 2000 people as a GBA game.
    i was wondering if there exists some specific name in english? so i can have more luck looking for a rom in google.
    anyway, every little bit of info on this game is appreciated since i want to try it for once, in GBA ofc, not SNES
  2. shadowdorothy

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    Sep 7, 2008
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    2ji SRW is not a gba game. it is all the SRW gba games. 2ji is the ability to link to the gba SRW games and pull characters, stats and info into the DS games. google has the wrong info in this case, because this was planed for the DS games.
    so to put it short. have an SRW game in a slot-2 card and have SRW K/W loaded on a slot-1 card and you should be able to load player data from the gba games (provided of course that you have played the games). you get more bonuses from the 2ji ability if you have a "flagged save" meaning you have beaten the game.