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    This thread is for the discussion of unreleased 'leaked' games. I enjoy talking about the subject so I decided to make a thread. Fully translated games from release groups will also be included. I love playing retro games and it is a great idea to play these if you are into them.

    I guess the first ones that come to my mind is;

    Star Fox 2 for the SNES
    The game was nearly complete. There are betas floating around the internet. The game is full, but includes several bugs. If you liked the original Star Fox then you are in for a treat. It is basically the same game play as the first, but with different levels.
    Earthbound Zero for the NES
    This game was released in Japan under the name "Mother." It was localized for the USA in 1990, but never saw release. A translation group named Demiforce bought a beta cartridge on eBay and attached Zero to the title and released the rom on the net. I have played through this game. It was a good experience. I love the Earthboud series and any true RPG fan would find a great pleasure in playing it.
    Sonic Crackers for the Sega Genesis
    It was originally scheduled for the Genesis, but never saw the light of day. It was eventually developed, but under the name Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X. The beta is very early and almost unplayable. It is fun to play for about 2 minutes and then the glitches start taking a toll. I don't recommend playing it unless you are a die-hard Sonic fan.
    Sonic Xtreme for the Sega Saturn
    The story behind this game is VERY interesting. Unfortunately I don't want to waste my time explaining it so I will include a link. A beta is floating around and it is pretty much unplayable. In fact it is hardly even a game. It is playable on several Saturn emulators. The good news is that the developer of the original game plans on completing it. It is under the name "Project S." If you have a hard on for unreleased betas/games then this is a great one to learn about, check the links for more information.

    Post some unreleased games or give your opinion on these.
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    Kien. A decent side scrolling beat em up.

    Haunted mansion. I thought it was better than lot of the other modern (*pours beer for megadrive Aladdin, Castle of Illusion and Jungle book) disney games.

    MotoGP. I have the released version but the beta was a fairly different game.

    There were many others (I count 31 with the recent fire emblem betas) but those three stick out.

    Other systems, I barely have enough time to get through the released titles so while stories are interesting I have nothing worth speaking of.
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    Don't forget Mother 3 for the N64. Those were some cool screens!
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    I believe that Kien was totally finished but not released for some reason. It has been reviewed on numerous sites so this would confirm that it was completed (assuming that the released version got leaked by one of the magazine/website reviewers).