The Best Video-Editing Software please.

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by tigris, Jun 25, 2010.

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    OK. Here are the specs.

    System Information
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    NVidia Control Panel
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Some stuff else
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I don't want Pinnacle Studio or Premiere Pro/Elements. Or Movie Maker.

    I would like a popular paid software. That is reasonably easy to use, on the par with Premiere Elements.
    What else is there out there?
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    Update your video card drivers. Also, what video card do you have? It wasn't listed in your pictures, just more specifications of it.

    Well, editing really matters more on what software you like more and can be most effective with. Personally, I prefer Adobe Premiere for basic editing and Adobe After Effects for compositing (Video effects). I've heard good things about Sony Vegas too. You just have to try them out for yourself.

    I see you wanted "easy to use" software. Don't expect simplicity on software that can be overly verbose and deliver such amazing content, if the user is willing to learn and practice it.
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    That is a bit of a slow clock speed and while the ram will serve you well enough be aware that you may have to close programs or face using the page/swap file. Similarly the low cache and that CPU might see you get the odd bit of slowdown.
    Equally if that is a laptop as old as the CPU is chances are you have a 5400RPM hard drive in there- pretty much all video editing will see lots of hard drive use so consider investing in a faster one.

    GPU matters little in video world right at the moment, there are a few GPU enhanced programs/decoders and filters and indeed they work well enough but they are far from essential at this point in time. On the other side of things I advise you steer clear of the GPU encoders as I have yet to see a good one.

    The editors you mention are non linear editors so I assume that is a requirement (linear editors are still around but pretty much everything has at least elements of non linear editing). I am not sure why it has to be paid- there are some great freeware and open source programs out there that can go toe to toe with the big boys.

    Easy to use is a different debate entirely- nothing in the video world that is easy to use will ever make anything good.

    Equally I would argue there is no one be all and end all program and many people will have multiple programs depending upon what they want to do- restoration, chroma keying, transfer, basic cutting, advanced cutting (fancy transitions and what have you), audio (often considered an entirely different area to video), CGI/effects, mastering (both the video and making it into DVD, web or other formats) and whatever else you can think of.

    As you asked though

    avisynth- mainly windows but WINE can be used with something like ffmpegsource2 if you want (I have very little experience in such an arena though). Script driven (do not knock it until you have tried it) and incredibly powerful.

    avidemux- pretty much every platform out there

    virtual dub- mainly windows, GUI driven

    The former and the latter have several professional grade filters and active development communities while avidemux has several filters sourced from the other two mentioned.

    Blender- mainly a 3d editing/creation program but does have some serious high grade video capabilities when you need them and you can turn those 3d features to make spectacular things.

    Back on topic as it were you do have several options
    Sony's Vegas line of software:
    I have not used it in over a year now but back then it was very powerful and deserving of the good name it has in the video editing circles.

    Apple do have the final cut line of programs but I am not going to head down the hackintosh route with your hardware.

    Cyberlink do some stuff as well and as of the last few versions became pretty nice to use. Not sure I could base my livelihood on it just yet (vegas and avisynth I would be quite happy to) but more than enough for the enthusiastic amateur.
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    Apr 25, 2010
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    nyeeeeeeee your computer has low specs so if you want the "best video editing software" you'd have to upgrade your ram, processor.
    what kind of "popular" do you want? Adobe editors are one of the best imo

    I second this. Vegas editors are tad complicated and you'll need the knowledge to use them. Easy to use? Windows movie maker.
  5. tigris

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    Well, I'd like a GOOD video editing software. I'd like it to be as simple as Premiere Elements, and my graphics card is a nVidia GeForce 8600M GS Notebook card. I won't update my drivers, don't ask why.
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    Really unnecessary comment if you really didn't want us to ask why, would have been better to just let us assume than to go, "don't ask me this". Now.. why won't you?

    And personally, go with Sony Vegas. It's cheap, and easy drag and drop on almost everything for basic video editing.