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    Like I'm saying in my older thread, DealExtreme.com has heaps of new 3DS stuff coming in.
    Here is a list of all the stuff they have:
    Stylish Stand Holder with Stereo Speakers for Nintendo 3DS - Black (2*AAA) - Pega - $14.00 USD - 13.48 AUD - Link - Description:
    - Color: Black
    - Compatible for Nintendo 3DS
    - A stand holder with stereo speakers
    - Display angle adjustable
    - Custom high quality stereo speakers
    - With 3.5mm audio plug, it can be connected to the facility with corresponding audio jack, to work as amplifier
    - Output power: 0.5W*2
    - Powered by 2*AAA battery (not included)
    22-in-1 Jump Start Kit Pack for Nintendo 3DS - Unidentified Brand - $17.80 USD - $17.14 AUD Link - Description:
    - Design for Nintendo 3DS
    - High quality, lightweight, slim, and durable

    - Package included:
    - 1 x EVA Case
    - 1 x 3.5mm Earphone
    - 1 x USB Charging Cable
    - 1 x USB Car Adapter
    - 4 x EVA Card Cases
    - 4 x Stickers
    - 1 x Cleaning Cloth
    - 2 x Screen Protectors
    - 3 x Silicone Anti-Dust Kits
    - 2 x Hand Straps
    - 1 x Scraper
    - 1 x Stylus
    Smaller kits: 15-in-1 12-in-1
    Aluminum Extendable Stylus for Nintendo 3DS (4-Piece Pack) - $2.80 USD - $2.70 AUD - Link Description:
    - Material: Aluminum + Plastic
    - Compatible with Nintendo 3DS
    - Protect your Nintendo 3DS screen
    - Extendable
    - Each pack contains 4pcs stylus with different colors
    Anti-Slip Gaming Grid for Nintendo 3DS - Black - 8.10 USD - $7.80 AUD - Link Description:
    - Color: Black
    - Made of high grade durable anti-slip rubber
    - Suitable for Nintendo 3DS console, have a good feel in operation, allow you to get in the game
    more fun
    - Convertible designed can be used to handle two different styles
    - 3DS design in full accordance with the console, make the placement easier and more secure
    Quick Links:
    Search for "3DS" on DealExtreme.com - Most of the 3DS related products on DealExtreme.com
    DealExtreme.com New Arrivals - If you can't find what your looking for in "3DS" search, look here for more things 3DS related.
    This thread WILL be updated, and just shoot me a message here or PM me if there is something I missed or new things on DealExtreme.com that I missed.

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    Dealextreme information:
    Depending on wherew you live, Australia, America Europe and other countries, Dealextreme does take a while to ship stuff to you and you might be thinking they have scammed you. Don't think that! It takes a bit of time for your item to get to you and you can track it via your tracking code that you get from your email when you buy something and see what the status is with your item. Also if it doesn't come in a reasonable amount of time, contact DX and put up a ticket so you can get your money back/item replaced. Also read the DealExtreme FAQ for more information and read the other help documentations on the site. Thankyou [​IMG]
    Also it says on shoptemp that DealExtreme is located in china, it's not, it's located in HongKong which has a waaay better reputation than China online shops.
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    Jul 15, 2007
    dealextreme? nah
  4. KingVamp

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    Sep 13, 2009
    United States
    Why just DealExtreme.com? And maybe not just the items as they are, but where you van find deals
    on them. idk
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    Oh yeah.. Maybe I get your points now.
  6. altorn

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    Jul 15, 2007
    by the way, i think this thread is better off in the 3DS - Hardware forum?

    but.... personally i try to avoid buying any hardware from dealextreme since my purchase of PSP accessories 2 years ago.

    Also, one addon i am waiting for eagerly is the Nyko battery. I have a crystal case, a pouch, extra styli, etc but i think these are accessories?

    A charging grip would be awesome.
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