Temp'n #3

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    Apparently, you've been lazy busy, I've been lazy busy, but these guys haven't! And they've brought you these projects for Temp'n #3!

    Fort42 is a great initiative by @storm75x aiming to create a community-shared database of 3DS cheat codes. Users can submit cheat codes and/or browse the database easily via the handy search feature.

    The website is composed of two sections:

    • AR3DS which is a 3DS action replay database for cheat codes stored as AR codes (based on ARCode by @KazoWAR)
    • GateShark, a Gateway cheat code database working on Gateway FW3.5 onwards.
    @storm75x has also created a sweet code that displays your Fort42 user status in your GBAtemp signature. Try it out!

    More info:
    Fort45 Official GBAtemp thread
    Fort42 website
    ARCode Official GBAtemp thread

    Temper @Steena has been at it again with his hobby and looks like he's getting better at it!

    Here's one he did after a detailed study of this picture:

    And another one:

    Keep it up!

    Remember our kiwi Temper? Well he got more games to share with you!

    4FT1Uu.png EAPJWp.png W-KvfD.png
    Collect coins within the turn limit in a game that hates you! Not easy but beatable, uMADbro will have you raging around while collecting coins through 48 levels.


    Made crappy on purpose, this one is a "CrappyCreepypasta" game. It creeps you out, not with the crappy looks but with its story and gameplay.

    Here's how it starts out:
    You know nothing will be fine when they tell you everything will be fine!

    Create a Sokoban

    23673.jpg 23672.jpg
    A create your own Sokoban Engine, this one was made made for the Charity Game Jam. As it says: "Make once, play whenever!"

    More info:
    uMADbro: http://gamejolt.com/games/umadbro/15169#close
    Nifty.EXE: http://gamejolt.com/games/nifty-exe/40044#close
    Create a Sokoban: http://gamejolt.com/games/create-a-sokoban/14896

    Spoiler alert!

    Hope you've enjoyed this and the other Temp'n issues of this year! More to come after tomorrow next year, so don't shy out and share with us your projects! (I see a possible New Year Resolution here... ;))

    Thank you for taking your time reading my articles! More to come for sure, so stay tuned! Till then, have a very Tempy New Year 2016! :toot:
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    The dark part of your house
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  2. BurningDesire

    BurningDesire GBAtemp Guru

    Jan 27, 2015
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    I didn't know this was a thing! Awesome!
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  3. Prans

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    Apr 22, 2012
    There itself.
    Thanks! You can check out the previous editions in my sig!
    Happy New Year :)
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  4. HappyzLife

    HappyzLife ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sep 9, 2015
    Good job guys :)
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