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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by rooskie54, Oct 16, 2013.

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    I've used a flashcart in the past, including setting up a friend's DSTWO, but I gave up on it when I switched to a 3DS XL and the M3 Team...well, yeah....

    Anyways, I had a couple questions. One of them should be easy to answer, one of them will mainly be speculation. I'm thinking of starting up Pokemon Fire Red again and since I'll be getting a DSTWO shortly:

    1. Are the .sav files from VisualBoyAdvance and TempGBA cross compatible? I'm talking about the full saves, not save states. I'd like to start playing Pokemon sooner, but I don't want to start on a different emulator and not be able to take my progress with me. I'd potentially like to go back and forth from the two emulators depending on where I am. From searching I believe I can, but I haven't said anything that explicitly says so.

    And here comes the speculation. I have Pokemon Y and it's gotten me back into the spirit of catching them all. I also have a legit copy of Pokemon Black (and Pearl) and the means of trading pokemon to it with another DS. From what I can tell, the pokemon from my Heart Gold save from my M3i Zero should be able to be transferred to the legit copy of Pearl, migrated into Black, and then uploaded to Pokemon Bank when it goes live later this year. I haven't used any cheats, so they shouldn't be any different than pokemon obtained from a legit cartridge. But getting them from Fire Red would be a little more tricky. You can't exactly pal park in from an emulator save that I'm aware of, so...

    2. If I extracted pokemon using pokesav (so caught legitimately in Pokemon Red) and injected them into my Heart Gold save (and then traded to legit pearl, imported to legit black, and uploaded into the cloud) would they count as legit pokemon?

    I'm not familiar enough with the Pal Park process to know if a pokesav injection would count or not. The real way to tell is to just find out later in the year, but I'd hate to start a new Fire Red adventure and have to leave my digital buddies behind.
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