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    Oct 27, 2002
    I don't remember if it was ever done yet or not.

    I wanted to depict how split screen is not a thing anymore, despite TV now have more resolution and better size.

    a two cases comic (or 1 big and below it 4 small), with comparison of old and new multiplayer:

    before : 4 players in front of a VERY SMALL CRT TV using split screen (mario kart, puyo-puyo, Street Racer look at that one!! etc.), we didn't have space but games fitted 4 players at the same time!
    now : 1 player per home on a BIG FLAT TV screen each. now TV have more space and resolution, but you can't play split anymore ... you need another console/TV set.

    I wanted to make it a meme, but I'm very bad at design :P
    I think it'll be better as tantrum!

    I wanted to make it like that :
    before : a 4 split pictures filling all the screen on a small TV, with 4 players in front of the same TV+1 console.
    now : same game style with a SMALL picture on the center of the BIG TV (with black bar around it! to emphasis the available size!) on 4 different TVs+4 consoles.

    you know, like they fill 4:3 games on a 16:9 TV with useless static TV burning borders, etc., to show there are wasted space and they could have added couch multiplayer ! (but it would be 3 times less registered member paying for online...)
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    Dec 30, 2013
    split screen is still a thing sometimes
    Mario kart, mario party
    Ok i dont have any other examples XD
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