Tempar not working

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Bridgeman, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Bridgeman

    Bridgeman Member

    May 14, 2013
    After not using my PSP for a while I decided to boot it up again and play some Rayman, but Tempar is not working. I'm on CFW 6.60 Pro-C and Tempar is enabled in the plugins menu.

    Right shoulder button + home button just opens the PS menu during gameplay. Pressing PS twice and then volume up and volume down simultaneously doesn't work either. Google searches are a nightmare, people explaining mysterious crap in even crappier grammar that doesn't work.

    So for the love of God, does anyone know how to open the Tempar cheat menu? Or how to get it working again?
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