Tech demo footage of cancelled Diddy Kong Racing sequel appears online

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    An interesting video has been published by a YouTube channel called PtoPOnline. Discussed in the video, is the canceled sequel to Rare's Diddy Kong Racing, originally released on the Nintendo 64. The sequel would have been titled Diddy Kong Racing Adventure, and would have been slated to release on Nintendo's GameCube sometime after 2004, when the game was initially pitched. But things wouldn't get that far, as Nintendo did not accept the project, resulting in its cancellation. The most important part of the video is it showcasing a tech demo for the proposed sequel, with early footage of how the game looked. Despite being pitched for the GameCube, the demo runs off of an Xbox, as that was what developer Climax used to work on their games with at the time.

    Adventure would take place sometime after Diddy Kong Racing, and would have the villain "Wizpeg" from the original game returning in order to take revenge. He would turn Diddy Kong's island into a series of race courses, and it would be up to Diddy and his friends to complete all the tracks in order to take back the island.

    The concept of the game detailed that there would be a hub-world that would contain 6 different zones to race through, and that there would be multiple types of vehicles, including bikes, planes, and skis, as well as 14 playable characters, potentially including Banjo and Kazooie. In the demo, players could ride a Rhino, implying that you could ride animals as well, similarly to Rare's other canceled racer, Donkey Kong Racing. You can find more details about the demo in the video linked above.
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    why is the footage off of an xbox? Nvm

    also first.
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    Ooh, very nice! PToPOnline has some really sweet coverage of old beta Xbox stuff. It's great to still see them (un)covering more old tech demo/beta stuff like this to this day still! :)

    Makes me wonder why they did all their development on an Xbox though, and not the actual GameCube hardware. Is there an easy explanation that's just flown across my head that I don't know about?
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    Awww, I didn't know about this. Such a shame it never made it :(
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    Wouldn't it be lovely if, instead of another mario kart on switch, they develop a new diddy kong racing? There's a lot of freshness to go along with that Intellectual Property (IP), though I'm guessing it probably wouldn't sell as well as mario kart considering it ain't mario. On the other hand, the new donkey kong games did sell a pretty decent amount, right?

    Though I guess there is that, ya know, minor detail about the whole "Microsoft owns rare" thing too. Eh, details.
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    this thing is what i see in the Revolution trailer!
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    The original was such a fun game...more strategy than Mario Kart. I would love to see a sequel, but I guess it could be a while.
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    I played Diddy Kong Racing a lot for the N64 back in the day. Such a fun game. For a time it was hard to accept Rare not being associated with Nintendo anymore. Banjo Kazooie, Diddy's Kong Quest (DK Country 2 I think), those were also amazing titles I played as a kid. So without really saying it as a kid, I was a Rare fan. Also Starfox Adventures, the first Gamecube game I played, played it even before Star Fox 64, so my opinion of it is different from the consensus. When I saw commercials for Banjo Kazooie on Xbox, Nuts and Bolts or whatever it is, I was shocked, in a lot of ways. I wish Rare would work with Nintendo again in some way, the Switch, bring Banjo and Kazooie back home, an adventure 3D platformer like that, with Switch's portable gimmick, amazing matchup. Since Minecraft made it to Wii U, it's possible for Microsoft and Nintendo to loosely coexist again on other developments.

    I got off tangent, yeah, interesting to learn about this.
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    Jan 10, 2016
    Aw man this would of been so cool!
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    I'm not sure about Rare and Donkey Kong. It seems Nintendo is still able to produce Diddy Kong Racing games but they cannot include Conker, Banjo, etc. Only the unique characters alongside the Kongs. They also did release that Diddy Kong Racing port on Ds, which had some new additions to the game.

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    Good point! And ah yes, the poster-child of how not to do an "update". I'm not sure how others feel about the DS version, but I know that I absolutely despise the changes. Huge chunks of the game were changed or replaced with crap. Hmm...I wonder how much work it'd be to change it back, even if it's the small things (really? I can't play that race again until I finish the whole circuit? come on!).

    But yeah, come to think of it, is there any legal reason nintendo couldn't make a donkey kong racing? I enjoyed the coin challenges and the difficult boss battles, so that's all I'd really like added in a sequel.
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    They probably didn't have any DevKits on hand, so they used their Xbox Devkits rather than the former.
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    Holy crap, so the Diddy Kong Racing sequel was in production, but it was cancelled maybe because Nintendo was a d*ck to release it?
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    Looks more like slow rhino rider. lol
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    Ninty fucked up hard by not buying Rare.
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    Hopefully when capcom goes under, they can nab their Intellectual Properties (IP)
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    The game is cancelled why rare was bought with microsoft?
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    Nov 21, 2014
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    Damn this game seems even better than the first with the mechanics they wanted to include. I remember being about 9 or 10 and getting the original from BlockBuster for the weekend, and the weekend after that, and finally the weekend after that. Such a great, fun game.
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    i would like to point out that nintendo never had a chance to buuy Rare because the stamper brothers sold their share majority directly to Microsoft.
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