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    Aug 2, 2008
    Those of you who dont know what the title is, google it, its a shell theme, which takes away the Explorer theme (What most people have, you know start button, folders and junk on desktop, clock bottom right, nothing special) and uses a custom theme (Can add widgets, changes start menu, customizes EVERYTHING pretty much.) so . . .

    Well, those people who have used or are using this, tell me this, 1. Where can i get quality skins for it, so far im using default and a pretty big pimpin backround, makes it seem ipodish. But i would like other choices [​IMG]

    2. Well, you know how normally, on the bottom right you see all the things that are minimized applications, and then next to that all is a clock? Well. . HOW THE HELL DO I MAKE IT?! I've been trying to make it so i can see all my minimized applications, but so far i can only see the things that are open, so now i cant tell if i get an I.M. unless it makes a noise, which is annoying because my buddys like to spam me "DUDE WAKE UP!"

    And thats about it, those who use it help me out, and those who just downloaded it and found out. Tell meeee !