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  1. JVG

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    Hey all! I'm looking to buy a New Nintendo 3ds today. I currently have a old 3DS XL with 9.2sys and a completely updated emuNand that I use Gateway to launch into.

    On my emuNand, however, is my main NNID (that I also use on my Wii U), including a number of games I've bought. Now, will the Pokemon 20th n3DS be able to use my Gateway card? If not, can I transfer the NNID from my emuNand to my n3DS, so I can play Smash and other games I've bought on there? Because I don't need purchased games on my o3DS, because I can use the Gateway to play ROMs of them.

    Any help is appreciated!


    I'm fine if this is the final setup:

    o3DS: has Gateway emunand WITHOUT my NNID (or just a new one with no games) because I can use Gateway to get games

    n3DS: has newest firmware, no emunand, with my NNID so I can play my old games

    Basically I'm fine with my o3DS being the hacked one and my n3DS being a regular one
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    Sure no problem. Just start Systemtransfer on O3DS from SystemSettings with "GW" at Beginning. You also need to be on lstest fw on both consoles.
    Before you begin, make a backup of your current Emunand so you don't lose your CIA Games/Saves (with emunand9 for 3DS or emunand tool for pc) because emunand will be wiped out after transfer. Only original bought games will be transfered to N3DS!
    After the Transfer is complete, restore the backup and you get everything back. Make a new NNID on your O3DS to get access to eShop again.
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  3. JVG

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    Nov 18, 2014
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  4. urherenow

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    If restoring the emunand backup with NNID on it, you'll need to generate your xorpads for ctrnand, use the nand.fat16 tools to extract it, decrypt it, then delete your ACT save data from it, then reencrypt it (same way you decrypted it) then re-inject it. This way, you will retain everything that was on the card before. Otherwise, you'd have to format anyway to make a new NNID on it.

    Reference in case you want to try deleting the NNID manually:

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