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    Aug 14, 2006
    I created this plugin in hopes to show the bottlenecks in the DS Two which may explain the slight video / input lag people are experiencing in emulators, who then blame the coding of the Supercard team.

    On screen display info:

    CPU clock:

    This obviously refers to the CPU clock speed which is measured in mhz. This speed can be altered via the Up and down keys. There are however a few unstable clock speeds, the ones that caused crashing for me, I have disabled. Results may vary per card.

    Time Elapsed:

    Time elapsed... in seconds


    The FPS using a simple frame counter and the DS Two's built in timer

    Num of transferred Screens:

    The DSTwo handles all the renderings and then sends the data through the slot 1 slot to the DS for the DS to handle.
    The default is one screen. Despite only one screen being transferred, I am rendering for both screens to show that the DS Two can handle the rendering and that it is the transfer that does the most damage.

    This dual screen mode is supposed to represent the transfer of video and audio at once since I do not have any audio code yet. This won't be entirely accurate (its an exaggerated performance hit vs audio) but it works well for its purpose - to show the effects of transferring more than one screen worth of video data at a time.

    Time of data transfer:

    This is the time it takes for the DS to get the image data from the DS Two and display it in microseconds per frame

    Loop time:

    This is the time in microseconds that it takes to execute one loop of code.


    -The cpu clock speed is only updated every second with the FPS, so it may not change right away. If it doesn't change after 1 second that you pressed it, then you may have hit one of the disabled cpu levels, so press up or down again [​IMG]

    -The first two cpu clock levels are both 120mhz (i'm not sure why)

    Oh and I am not responsible if your DS Two decides to crap out due to the overclocking (chances are it won't ever happen... but just incase).

    Download Here

    Just copy all three files to your _dstwoplug folder.

    I await your observations.
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    Hm, well, it's kind of interesting at least. [​IMG] It does take quite a hit transferring both screens. I wonder if there's any way to minimize the data transfer time (do you think limiting FPS, perhaps to 60, would help?)? I'd assume the emulators already do that though. Also, how high is the DSTwo's clock actually supposed to get? I was thinking it was supposed to go up to around 400 mhz (this app reaching something like 392 mhz) but you made it sound like up that far is actually overclocking it more than it's intended to go.

    Anyway, hope these aren't stupid questions. I don't have the SDK and even if I did my programming skills aren't really up to snuff. I really should buckle down and learn more about C++ than I do currently.
  3. BassAceGold

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    Aug 14, 2006
    The DSTwo's highest cpu clock is somewhere around 396 mhz. There is no way to set it any higher, I just added the warning in case someone broke their Supercard and decided to blame me. Limiting the FPS would not decrease the transfer time, that time is measured per frame (maybe i should have mentioned that in the first post).