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    Lali ho!

    One of the young ladies that works in my local GAME store was sent to the Birmingham NEC for a big event a few days ago, part of which was testing the new 3DS system. So I thought I'd pass along her initial impressions.

    - She got to play a demo build of Zelda, with the 3D effects on. She says it makes a very noticable difference to the Kokiri Forest, having the 3D on. She says the graphics are MUCH better than the blocky N64 original, and that overall the quality has been noticably improved.

    - The analogue stick is apparantly perfectly placed and makes gaming much easier than the current DS models.

    - She said the system is noticably heavier than the DSi, but not so much so that it bothers you.

    - The 3D effects are supposedly 'epic' and work extremely well. She mentioned that Ridge Racer was made immeasurably more enjoyable with the 3D on. She felt no nausea or after-effects of any kind from using the 3D.

    Of course this is simply what I learned from a brief conversation with her when I dropped by for some Microsoft points, but I hope it helps. But here's the good news, for UK gamers at least.

    - Pilotwings Resort is apparantly now aa launch title for the UK, as is DOA Dimensions. Dates for a lot of the big name games still remain illusive, but the word from the conference is that they aim to have Zelda, Kid Icarus and Starfox available within 3 months. Whether or not this will come to pass remains to be seen.

    Oh, and did I mention that many GAME stores are getting their 3DS demo models in a few days? If like me you're on good terms with the staff then maybe you can score a few minutes with it. My local store gets their model on the 14th, and my friend said she'd give me a call when it arrives so I can get a feel for it and report back. Guess it works as free advertising for them since I'll invariably post details of my time with the system here and on my site, which costs them nothing and the word is spread. Works for me, I get to play on the 3DS a good month and a half ahead of the release. Possibly with Zelda. Good times [​IMG]

    Will post more details when I've had time with the system myself, hopefully with the demo build of Zelda that my lady friend got to play. If there's one thing I would recommend, it's this. Be on good terms with the staff at your local store. They hook you up with stuff like this all the time. It also helps that my local is staffed almost entirely by lovely young ladies [​IMG]


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    You better marry that girl, she sounds like hell of a catch [​IMG]

    No but jokes aside, great news. Only positive ones for once. Love the bit about OoT and DOA
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    The problem is that everyone is comparing it to the N64 original. It might have been noticeably improved, but still not up to today's standards...
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    That's not a problem. It's a remake of the N64 original so it's absolutely right to compare it to the N64 original.
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    I assume you have played it yourself to make that judgement?

    Also, what do you mean by "today's standards"? Looks much better than a DSi game, which is Nintendos current handheld the 3D puts it way above any PSP game...
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    I think OOT 3D is fine the way it is...
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    Problem with that statement is we don't really have a "today's standard" to compare it with.
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    It's a remake, you're supposed to compare it to the original.
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    i wonder when gamestop in the US will have the demo model
    i really want to test it my self
    i envy those who have tried it already
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    Interesting. As more and more 3DS impressions are being made, it seems like any nausea or dizziness experienced while using the system seem to vary by person. Some have reported themselves getting dizzy within minutes, while others have experienced no such side effects.

    It will be interesting to see the prevalence of these side effects once the system launches, and whether or not those afflicted will be able to become accustomed to 3D.
  11. Nollog

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Everything gets taken out of context when hype is applied.

    1 person saying something negative under such massive hype suddenly becomes news, because people want news, any news so they feel like they're getting closer to the product.
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    what standard? THE GAME LOOks GREAT stop nitpicking
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    Thanks for the info about the analog. I don't care about the 3D.
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    What I meant:
    Someone who played the original on N64 might perceive the 3DS version as super totally great because it has been improved compared to the original. However, in terms of graphics, it might still be behind other premium 3DS titles as SSFIV or Kid Icarus - so, slightly disappointing for people who have never played it.

    This was actually the impression of the guy mentioned here.
  15. Eerpow

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    Yes, but remember that OOT isn't finished just like Mario Kart and other Nintendo games.
    The best graphics I've seen so far are from RE Mercenaries.
    And regarding the Amsterdam guy impressions. I would like to see the PSP pull off this:

  16. Taellon

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    I don't think Nintendo is even trying to make OoT push the system's limits at all. From what I can tell, they are just trying to turn it into the game they wanted it to be originally. A lot of things got cut and the graphical limitations of the N64 prevented them from achieving the art style they wanted. Notice how in all the footage of OoT 3D everything is being made to match the concept art of the original games. The original was a great game as it was, but this time Nintendo is able to make the game the way it would have been had the hardware been capable enough.

    As for the 3D effects causing dizziness, it will probably go away after you've spent a bit of time playing it. See because of the way the 3D is done, it actually has a similar effect to when people wear prescription glasses. Anybody that wears glasses can tell you that the first day after getting new lenses is a little disorienting. After a short time(depends on the person and how much of a change the lenses are) you get used to the new lenses and then everything is fine. So don't worry about the 3D always causing eye strain or dizziness, after you've played it for a couple of days you should be just fine with the 3D. The 3D slider might cause a slight problem because adjusting it is like changing the lenses in your glasses, but I'm not sure to what degree the effect will be and the chances are after you've adjusted to the 3D any changes in it will just take a few minutes to adjust to again.

    Almost a year ago now, I was planning to get a DSi XL when they launched, but then with the announcement of the 3DS I decided to hold off until E3 to see if it was worth waiting for the new system or if I should just go ahead with a DSi XL. I have the say, since seeing it at E3, I've been incredibly excited about it and forgot all about getting a DSi XL. I'm definitely getting a 3DS as soon as possible and I can't wait to play OoT 3D on it when that comes out.
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    I can attest to this, and while it takes a little longer for me to adjust, I adjust nonetheless.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    Perhaps you can film the 3DS in action if you get a chance to play around with it?
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    Will this apply to many stores across the UK, if so I can go around with it [​IMG]

    Oh thanks for the info OP =)
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    Exactly. Exactly x 100000.

    This is what Nintendo wants to do. It's not JUST fan-service, but they want to liberate Ocarina of Time.