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Sep 26, 2020
You have an older SX OS Version and an older Firmware Version installed on the switch.
But all your games work in the respective version and. So no need to change anything. All is working fine.

You "must" install a new Switch Firmware version because some XCI NSP games do not support the lower firmware.
So you upgrade to the newer switch firmware version. And you also use the newest version of SX OS.
Now the new games are working.

But now you have another problem.
Some of the old games do not work anymore because they need a game update to be able to run it again.
This forces to be active and install the game updates...

But so finally you are not only needed to be able to play the new games to update the firmware of the switch and SX OS.
You also need to update the "old" games to be able to run on the new firmware.

Updating the new SX OS Version is fast and not a lot of work.
But updating the switch firmware lasts longer.
Updating the games to the right version is not so comfortable and produces work. At least for me because I do not know a comfortable way.

Is there a way out of this vicious circle?
If you have more brothers and sisters or if you own 2-3 switches.
Then you do not need to do anything until the sd card of the first switch is full. The version of the games and the SX OS and switch Firmware is working well in combination because you only install older games
On the second switch, you are 3-5 firmware versions ahead and so you start to install newser games.
On the third switch, you are always on the newest switch firmware, SX OS, games version. So you do not need to do the updates for all of the old games and only for some games... This is reducing the update work.

But this solution requires more switch consoles, more mcirosd cards, more licenses and is not for everybody.

What is the best strategy to has as less work as possible?

Thank you in advance


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Aug 5, 2007
Well let's break it down.

I would recommend you update to Beta 3.0.5 of SXOS, and firmware 10.0.2 or whatever is the latest versions.
If you games really require updates, which I doubt. I would get the JITS shop, and let it update your games. It's easiest method for you if you don't really wanna look for every single one manually.

I don't quite get it about the other Switches?
Do they already have SXOS? Or do you want an alternative?
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