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    Sep 16, 2008
    So I had that R4 and switched to an Acekard2 and I know that they use the same saves and I only need to rename it from ".sav" to ".nds.sav" thing is, my R4 saves are ".SAV" is the uppercase a huge difference in this? nevertheless I renamed it to "nds.sav" eliminating the uppercase because I know Acerkard is case sensitive when I transfered them to the micro SD the saves still had ".nds.sav" but when I actually boot the game there is no file and when I explore the folder there is a new save file with the extension ".nds.SAV" the hell do I do?

    Edit: Note that when I explore the fiels using the Acekard menu they ARE still ended with .nds.sav, but after trying toa ctually load the file in-game tehre is only the NEW GAME option, and when exploring again I see that the new .nds.SAV file was created.
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    Disregard. For some reason, I read AceKard1.