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  1. ChampionLeake

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    Jan 19, 2016
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    I don't see it anywhere so I might as I do it myself. Since the beta is open for the upcoming update for SwitchBru, a friend code system is made. I'm not going to say much but if you were able to link your SwitchBru DNS Account and you want to make friends, post your SB friend code here I guess.

    Here's mine: SB-0830-9595-7647
    (Warning: I will not add you if you're going to just ask for help regarding Switch related stuff. Maybe others. I'll add whoever I want to add since I want a small circle) IF I KNOW YOU, you'll most likely be added.

    Have fun!
  2. My friend code: SB-9107-0140-9061 (no Homebrew support messages please)
  3. BrendonoT

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    Dec 31, 2017
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  4. realsast

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    May 11, 2019
    mine is SB-6061-6191-0145
  5. IronDante13

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    Jul 23, 2019
    Hey guys i'm new to this Switchbru thing xD
    I'd love it if you add me ( especially if you play Super Dragon Ball Heroes or Breath of the Wild ) Btw i don't mean to add me because i need help or anything i just want some friends to chat with.

    My friend code is: SB-4806-4355-4486