Hacking Question Switch freezing randomly, only in CFW


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Sep 26, 2019
Firmware 9.0.1, Atmosphere 0.9.4, 128 GB U3 Samsung card partitioned according to this guide, Switch serial between XAW70000000000-XAW70017800000 bought new quite some time ago

Freezing has occurred only in CFW while browsing the settings menu, in Checkpoint, when loading games, very early into running games, and possibly other scenarios I forget. I think it's always booted into the home screen fine. I believe the issue existed before applying a theme.

Sometimes I can hold down the power or home button to get the power menu or home overlay to appear but they can't be interacted with. I believe the glow around the default selected options here continues to animate but it may sometimes also freeze, I forget.

Hekate confirms the specs of the card and reports a bus width of 4 (I read about another user having an issue with the SD reader and the impact of a bus width of 1). h2testw passed with no errors.

Something of possible importance: before creating the emuMMC, I let OFW / sysNAND see the 128 GB card and upon being prompted for a system update (to use exFAT?) I let it go ahead and do that, and restart. Is my emuMMC stuck in 'exFAT mode'? I've tried using ChoiDujour to reflash Fat32 9.0.1 but after verifying the files correctly and starting the actual writing, it failed (the error I forget, possibly something about failing to unregister an nca). The firmware files have been used successfully on another Switch I was updating from 8.1.0.

What could be at fault? How can I diagnose it? Are there any logs I can find that track this? Atmosphere leaves no logs for it.

Update: downgraded to 9.0.0 but problem persists.


Hekate's "migrate" option with its repair emuMMC functionality seems to have fixed all of the problems. I believe quick formatting the SD as well as the sneaky, lingering directory in /atmosphere/exefs_patches/NxThemesInstaller have been the root of the problem.
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