Hardware Hacking Switch bluetooth and wifi dead solution by usb wireless dongle?


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Jan 11, 2022
Hello everyone. I recently got an unpatched unit with neither bluetooth nor wifi working, it can't find any wifi network and joycons can´t sync wirelessly (neither in Sysnand nor emunand). I've tried several solutions, even a hard reset (with Haku33). Some posts suggest it may be a hardware problem with BCM4356 chip in the motherboard, however it seems that only solution is replacing this chip with another one from a working unit (apparently new ones won't work) which is not feasable for me.

At this time, the only solution I see for wireless connection to joycons seems te by an usb adapter like MAYFLASH Magic NS, but this seems to work for both joycons as one controller, and I would like to use both joycons as separate controllers for multiplayer or games like ARMS.

So, I was wondering if there's any way (via software) to use a bluetooth usb adapter for PC as bluetooth "manager" for the switch.

I know there are adapters for bluetooth audio like homespot, or adapters for controllers like the mentioned Magic NS, but they only cover one function, either audio or one controller, so, if using a bluetooth usb adapter is a feasable solution to have all bluetooth functions again, that'd be nice.

Thanks in advance.

PS I don't seek a wifi solution because of the LAN adapters, which are a solution I already tested to connect the unit to internet.

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